Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Auntie Donnie's was straight-up spiritual. Here are some great pictures of the LAIP wünderkind learning and frolicking in the lo'i.
Everyone did really well on their presentations this weekend; I am so very proud of the work you've done, and I miss you already!

Friday, June 10, 2011

LAIP Journal, Tues Week 21. 9:30AM-6PM

6:55 AM - What excitement and adventure does today hold?? Today began with an early morning trek across the Pali, aboard bus 55 enroute to Windward Mall! Right on schedule and…SHIITAKE! WHEW*** Thank goodness I opted for shrimp instead of Spam© in my lunchbox full of fried rice today when crossing the Pali, otherwise I might be late! (unfunny)
8:40 AM- Ahh yes, here we are at Windward Mall…NOOO!! The van to Coconut Island is leaving!!! *SIGHHHhh I guess I’ll wait for the next one. At least I got into a great chat with a scientist who just got back from Palmyra working on the dying coral down there. (cool)
9:30AM-12:30AM – I’m finally here at Coconut Island in Megsie’s Lab. The sorting of various invertebrates, namely “other worms” (non-polychaetes I think), commences. I count at least 50 non-polychaete worms before I realize how badly I need coffee and music (Thanks for the coffee and I-pod Dj MegaMegz!). Megsie’s sample’s are soaked in formalin with a dye to expose the invertebrates. Our job is to remove these invertebrates from the forest of debris using tweezers (good looks on the straight tweez Leila!) and isolate them in a solution of ethyl alcohol where Snrta. Megs can do her thang. (I hope I got the terms and processes correct.) (interesting, yet monotonous)
~11:30AM 1:00PM– Feeling the effects of just coffee in my stomach. I came across a funky octopus shaped looking organism amidst the sea of worms and sediment. (wired)
1:00PM-2:00PM – BLAAAAAH (fatigued)
2:00PM-6:00PM – LAIP interns arrive! Everyone’s working on their upcoming presentations. Sawako and I found some diagrams we will use for our posterboard, including a mangrove food web, and old pics of He’eia pond. We reaped fruitless efforts using Excel (curse you!) to make a graph of the carbon isotope data of Thalameda and shrimps in the pond. I’m pretty much a zombie strung out on caffeine. (undead)
6:00PM onward – Thanks for the ride to the mall Dr. Lemus! Thanks for waiting for me while I got pizza Martin..I hope you found your desk! (In fine, im fine)

Top: Found a pic of a food web justin time
Middle: The smell of formalin in the lab made Ti throw up the shaka.
Bottom: Q: What kine fish you catch on the internet? A: Fi---sHHHHHHH!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Na Papa'i ma ka loko i'a 'O He'eia!.......Crabs at He'eia fishpond!

Aloha Kakou 'Apau!

Sorry so late!  I recently recieved the crab photos that Megsie took from the fishpond during a couple make-up days a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately I was unable to get the pictures from the first make-up day so these photos were from the days after. 

We went out in the boat to each site and dropped the big crab traps, the next day we went back out to check them.  The day we were checking the big crab traps, we also layed the smaller crab nets to see which type of smaller crabs there were at the different sites.  The only problem with the smaller crab nets was if we weren't fast enough at pulling the crab nets up, the crabs could climb out or through the net.  That happened a few times and they even fell in the boat!

Another exciting day at Paepae 'O He'eia!