Monday, September 10, 2012

Ky's Little Helpers

Last Tuesday we assisted Ky with her independent studies for her school. The morning started off a bit rainy and gray, but when we got ready to work, the sun was out and we were ready to go out and get some water samples for some dissolved oxygen testing. We used the winkler titration and did some work that we would typically do on a research day on Coconut Island. The groups were split to go to fresh and salt water areas around the pond. Ky was the boss and we were her workers.
Laura helps Andrew in his new spiffy SCUBA PRO suite so he has full on protection against any predators that lurk in the pond...
Lissa recording the locations where we took water samples,  the bottle number, and the time when we took the samples. 

Kaua going to one of the lovely sites the Israel offered for us to go to. We never been this far on the wall, it was definitely interesting. 

The gate closest to the mangrove on the pond. 
 After we sampled along near the salt water entrances and the other group sampled near the freshwater entrances, we went to work on our makeshift lab table.
Looks like a well-oiled assembly line to me. 

Lissa doing some titration.

 At the end of the day, work was done, and barely any mistakes were made. Hopefully we helped out Ky with her project. Just another day for the LAIP interns.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Whipping at He'eia Fishpond

This week we went whipping at He'eia fishpond. We are trying to catch predators like barracuda and jack trevally. Hi'ilei had the whipping poles and taught us how to use them, we went out on the kuapa to the break in the wall and used cast master lures. Kaua was the first to land a barracuda then Andrew caught another one, but Kaua was the one that caught the rest all together they caught seven barracuda. The rest of us used bamboo pole and caught toau. After fishing we all cleaned the fish together using opihi shells to scale them. Then we took out the guts and bagged the fish. Tai and Lisa took home the toau, Andrew and Kaua took home their barracuda.