Sunday, May 13, 2012

Making Poisson Cru with Hi'ilei Kawelo

Poisson Cru (The Tahitian Poke)

Poisson Cru is known as the national dish of Tahiti. Similar to Poke in Hawaii.. Everybody eats it and it is found in most food establisments. Today we made it with Hi'ilei from scratch all the way down to stripping the coconut and squeezing the milk out. 

It consist of raw Ahi (Tuna) cured with lime juice, soaked in coconut milk and onions, hawaiian salt, pepper and cucumber, tomato, and green pepper. The last 3 we didn't use. 
First you get a pick and slam it into the ground to make a husker

Then you stab the coconut through the point and pull down for get the husk off and go around the coconut  to get all the husk off. If you cant get em the first time let the primate instincts set in and put the coconut between your feet like a monkey and yank away

Nikki's and her husked coconuts

Make your Coconut face (Anu winning ^)

Judy and Sherril adding some aloha into the coconut shavings

Marion and leila throwing the shaka while curing the ahi with lime juice

Daniel squeezing the coconut milk.. we had enough extra to fill up a jar

Topping everything off with the fresh squeezed coconut milk

 Everybody waiting/drooling over the finished product


E pū paʻakai kākou!
(Sherril looking hypnotized)
2 minutes later

08 May 2012

Today, we took core samples for Megsie in various Mangrove removal areas.

Sample jars set!

After putting together our gear for the pond and labeling the sample jars, we set out to locate Megsie's data points.

Meghan and Cammie using the GPS to locate points.

Sherril and Leila trekking through the pond! (:

Sherril found a cute baby fish along the way. (:

Koa and Meghan taking samples.
And this is how it's done... (in pictures)

Ta-Da! Finished product... kind of. (:

We got a nice surprise today by getting to see a ton of baby fishies on the other side of the pond wall!

After a good hard day's work filled with fun and learning, we're pau.