Monday, January 30, 2012

LAIP Spring 2012!!

Aloha e Nā Kānaka, 
Mai ka Lā Hiki a Lā Kau!
Mai ka Hoʻokuʻi a ka Halawai!

TUE. Jan 24, 2012

The past three weeks weʻve been getting used to the flow of the internship getting to know each other and the work weʻll be doing for the next 6 months.  This past tuesday we went to coconut island to work on Megsieʻs project sorting out the biota in the fishpond sediment using a microscopes and tweezers. It was meticulous work distinguishing the live matter from the abiotic matter but cool to see the worms, shrimps etc that live in the sediment. Someone brought a loaf of pineapple bread that we mopped in 5 minutes.

SAT. Jan 28, 2012

Today we expected a work day with Paepae o Heʻeia but turned out the work day was two weeks away. Instead we worked out in the sand flats clearing out a mangrove shoot patch that was starting to establish outside the kuapā. After work we got rewarded with some homemade ahi poke but by the time we got there it was ogo poke.  But ogo was ono that moaʻula ate some.

Moaʻule one spoiled chicken 
Leila and Daniel working in the mangrove paddy
                                  Bringing home the harvest
Mangrove Massacre 

   Breaking the propagules into the bucket
Story time wit Leila da Great
Laulima Action

More Laulima

                                                   Laulima A ʻIkepono