Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cages, Coring, and Crabbing, Oh My!

Welcome Fall 2011 Interns!!  Here's a quick recap of our first few days at the fishpond in photos...

Learning how to take cores to measure infauna.

Success - nice delineation!

Mapping out predator exclusion cages.

What did we get?  Using a sieve to collect infauna from the cores.

The road less traveled... really. 

Rinsing cores into the sieve to capture infauna

A formidable foe... and the object of our crabbing quest - Thalamita crenata

Measuring up.  Width, length, gender - just the facts.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcome All You Guys to the New Session of LAIP Internship

Hi everyone, welcome back to He'eia Fishpond for the new session of LAIP Internship. This session starts on July 12 and ends on December 10. We are going to continue the algae research and cage experiment like what we did from last session with our new awesome interns.

Last Saturday was a really productive research day since we finished all the core samplings at all 6 sites in the fishpond, which was planned to finish within 3 days-----Yehhhhhhh!! ^o^. Starting from this Tuesday afternoon, we will set the traps for catching predatory crabs at the fishpond, and it will also be fun. If somebody wants to say something or share their wonderful experience with us, you are more than welcome to do so. Let's make this blog one of the most exciting and effective communication ways among us.

See you soon at the fishpond, and have a great week!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June 25 - The Grand Finale!

On June 25 we said "A Hui Hou" to our most recent group of awesome LAIP interns: Arthur, Tiana, Leila, Sawako, Martin, Chris, and Kirsten.  The interns gave short presentations to family, friends and colleagues about their research work in the fishpond over the last 6 months.  One of our previous interns, Angela, even stopped by to say hi!  Well done one and all!!  We were even visited by a group of voyaging canoes from our island neighbors to the south.  A great day.  We hope that you will stay in touch and check in on the blog from time to time to see what is happening.