Friday, November 30, 2012

Working the Worksheet

This particular blog entry is stepping back in time a bit... rewind to October 16, 2012.

We stayed on land and filled out a worksheet that included naming the parts of a crab, critically thinking about a scientific experiment, and a Thursday level crossword puzzle.


We were graced by the presence of the fabulous Sherril, whiteboard in hand.

The ever-smiling Sherril :)
 We discussed diatoms, plankton, heterotrophs, and how crossword puzzles work :) Some of us kept trying to make new rules...

Hmm, silence for once?

 We all seemed a bit lethargic... some had to channel their energy mid-worksheet to complete the task.

Andrew, reaching deeper within for answers
Others channeled energy into other tasks.

Ty's lovely drawing of our Fall 2012 LAIP-ers
Clearly, we are the best "fishterns" ever!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Makahiki Day!

So Tuesday was a pretty ordinary day, we got split into groups for our final presentations we will be doing at the end of our internship that is coming up(sad face). All the cool stuff happened this past Saturday when we were given the greatest opportunity to participate in a Makahiki day with Aunty Donny and her ohana on the Marine Corps Base at Pyramid Rock Beach.  We were asked to bring a ho'okupu from the land or what we made/grew. That night we were able to learn about the history of Donny's ohana and eat some delicious food. It was a great experience that we were able to participate in with learning local Hawaiian culture.

Aunty telling us what is going to be going on that evening
Ky the "Burnt Marshmallow" and Laura the "Laura" being ever so serious with Pyramid Beach in the background

Ky and Brian being gansters with their kihei

LAIP Interns :D

LAIP Interns PLUS Sherril comment...except these are some of the ho'okupus that were to be given later that evening

The grinds everyone brought

Monday, November 5, 2012

 Sherril and Brian having a friendly conversation while setting up our water sample supplies. 
Ikaika getting equipment ready and so is Kai, while Tai puts her face into the sample
 Ikaika wearing his Lauhala hat in the Lab on Coconut Island.
Me collecting water samples near reef out side of Coconut Island.
All the different water samples collected getting ready for testing of the oxygen level.
Tai just got tatted up in the lab by artist Kauakea
Took a picture of the Pualu and Toao during our free time on my free dive session near Coconut island over the reef.