Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aloha everyone...

The video is done so here it is!
I will warn you in advance that their is some weird shaking in the video and frame rates are a little funny, but look past that and youʻll have a great time. You have to go to Vimeo to watch the HD version.

So on Tuesday the 11th of october we started the day finishing up seining for Megsie. Crabs were pretty rare at first but we were able to get an interesting fish.

The second half of that day we sat down with Sherril and had a discussion about dissolved oxygen. We thought of ways that DO enters and leaves the pond through different biological and mechanical forces.

Are goal was to find a hypothesis that we could build an experiment around. Then we prepared a list of all the equipment we would need to test this hypothesis when we came back on Saturday.

On our research Saturday we had two groups doing different jobs. We had a field group that went to the sites we designated and took water samples, temperature readings, and water velocity. The second group was onshore doing the Winkler titrations and salinity tests.

Hope our data supports our hypothesis! (what was our hypothesis again?)

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