Friday, June 28, 2013

Make-up blog, 5-14-13 A Fine Feast.

 This Tuesday ended up being the final tuesday with Hi'ilei. It was the day we all had been looking forward too since we first learned she was planning on giving us a cooking lesson.  We began the day by scaleing and gutting the mullett that we had previously caught a few weeks prior (throw net lesson). Then we began shucking fallen coconuts using a pick ax and the steady grip of our feet. As we settled into the garage, The aroma of the cooking octopus danced around our nostrils and awakened our taste buds. After squeezing a bunch of limes and enduring the wait of cooking the mullet and pond-caught Samoan Crab we sat down to feast. It was awesome to eat a meal that was provided from the very area that we have spent so much time working for the past few months. It was a beautiful and delicious example of sustainability. 

Better late then never...right?

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