Friday, June 15, 2012

Just another day at the lovely fishpond! 

It was a Sherril Day, where we once again learned many new things. This day, we had to do the 8 sites that we usually work with getting algal cover information, sediment samples, BOD for MPB, as well as algal samples. We are separated into 2 groups so that the sites can go by faster, and what do you know, it went faster than we had ever done it before. We truly got a good system going here, and its already almost the end of our term as LAIP interns. Geez, the time flew by. A couple more weeks to go, and we can do this & have the most fun as possible. These Sherrill days truly give me a good leg workout, walking throughout the pond. 

Below, Cami and Sherrill working out the MPB from the BOD bottles that were collected. 

The Filtration set-up, that drips for days! 

Moa'ula checking out the scene. 

Our final community service day with Paepae

This day we moved ko'a once again, but this time, it was a bit different. We worked along the break in the wall and used the barge to move the buckets of ko'a along the wall. About 6-8 people pushed the barge, it was quite hard to push. Others loaded the barge, and others unloaded it. I happened to be in the group who unloaded and placed the ko'a on the wall, which then built wall and made it much sturdier than it recently was. Every day, the kuapa gets sturdier and sturdier and it is all because of the work of Paepae. I am grateful to have been a part of this, and I now know that I am apart of the fishpond and the fishpond is apart of me. 

We hold below, the lovely "pulled pork" (kalua pig) sandwhich with salad and the most delicious salad dressing ever. 

Afro-haired bros joined us today, & big sister. 

Afterwards, we began to work on the LAIP final projects. 

The Community volunteers getting ready to get their hands dirty.

Sherril explaining the project at hand. 

Leila is chowing it down. 

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