Friday, June 1, 2012

The ROOT of the problem....

was that Megsie didn't have enough mangrove ROOT samples :(

On May 15th we helped Sherril with her core samples. But on May 19th, the dilemma came in to view! Megsie wanted to collect new samples that would help look at the decomposition of the mangrove. So we had to take cores at several different sites of previous mangrove removal. I was ready to go with my soccer gear:

So we banded together to get to the ROOT of the problem. We developed an efficient system that involved all who wanted to slay the ROOT!

Cami & Anu: banded together to seek the core locations.
Sherril & Leila: core-er extraordinaires! 
Meghan & Daniel: sieve masters!

Below, our venture-ers seeking new distances for mangrove removal sites!

On one of our very last cores we encountered a foe who was so lucky to get caught in a core! Cami had invented a technique to scare away larger variations of the aforementioned foe. This technique involved slapping sticks on the surface of the water (mind you that this didn't really work! But don't tell her that :) )

Into the mangrove we seek the ROOT of this plant. But instead, we find a podaee man-a-war!

Will this core suffice? Stay tuned for the next week's blog (: 

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